The Decommissioning Advisory Board consists of recognized industry leaders with experience in areas relevant to our decommissioning sites. The Board provides HDI executive leadership with insight and feedback to support improved performance. The Board’s dedication to safety, excellence and strong industry experience is invaluable to our growth and development as a worldwide decommissioning leader.

Chris Bakken

Chris Bakken

Executive Vice President, Entergy Infrastructure
Chair, Holtec Decommissioning Advisory Board
Member, HI-STAC

Christopher “Chris” Bakken III is the executive vice president of Entergy Infrastructure. He is responsible for Entergy’s nuclear plants located in New York, Vermont, Michigan, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas, as well as the company’s management services to the Cooper Nuclear Station for the Nebraska Public Power District.

Chris Cunningham

Vice President of Nuclear Projects, OPG

Chris Cunningham is Vice President of Nuclear Projects for OPG, where he is responsible for the oversight and delivery of a large and complex portfolio of approximately 250 projects that have a combined value of circa $8B. 

Dominique Miniere

Dominique Minière is a seasoned nuclear specialist and technical expert with over 40 years of experience in the energy industry. He was Chief Operating Officer of Électricité de France (EDF) and Nuclear President of Ontario Power Generation (OPG) putting on track the First Of A Kind SMR (Small Modular Reactor) project in western world. 

Victor M. McCree

Owner and Principal Operating Officer – NucLeader Consulting, LLC

Victor M. McCree is the Owner and Principal Operating Officer of NucLeader Consulting, LLC.  He provides high level consultation to clients regarding regulatory and technical requirements, strategies, and techniques to successfully lead people and nuclear operations.

Tim O’Connor

Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer, Xcel Energy

Tim O’Connor is Executive Vice President and Chief Generation Officer for Xcel Energy in 2020. He is responsible for all generation assets within Xcel and its jurisdictions nuclear, fossil, hydro and renewables.  Responsible for enterprise supply chain and commercial operations which include fuels and energy markets.  

Pierre Paul Oneid

Senior Vice President of Domestic Nuclear Programs, Holtec International
President, Holtec MENA
Secretary, HI-STAC

Pierre Paul Oneid is the Senior Vice President of Domestic Nuclear Programs at Holtec International. Oneid is also the corporate executive responsible for the Nuclear Power Division and the Heat Transfer Division. He also serves as a member of Holtec International’s Executive Committee.

Dr. Kris Singh

Dr. Kris Singh

President & Chief Executive Officer, Holtec International
Chairman of the Board, Holtec International
Chairman of the Board, Holtec Asia

Since 1986, Dr. Singh has led Holtec International, building the company into a technological powerhouse respected for its engineered goods and services around the world with nine major operations centers in three countries and an active business presence on four continents.

Kelly Trice

President of Nuclear Generation and Decommissioning, Holtec International

Kelly Trice is president of Nuclear Generation and Decommissioning. In this role, Trice is responsible for ensuring safe, regulatory compliant and efficient decommissioning of Holtec’s shutdown nuclear power plants. Trice has a secondary appointment as president of SMR, LLC. In this role, he oversees the development and delivery of Holtec’s SMR-160+, a passive light water small modular reactor. He is also Holtec International’s senior vice president for Finance Oversight. He serves as chair of the Finance and Accounting Committee, which is responsible for ensuring Holtec’s utmost fiduciary probity and professional integrity.