Our Core Values

Our core values, summarized below, represent out compact with our customers, suppliers, and company associates who collectively constitute Holtec’s principal stakeholders:

  • Safety of our personnel and our contractors’ and our customers’ personnel is our top priority.
  • We firmly believe that a top-notch quality assurance program is our company’s lifeblood.
  • Our commitment to fulfill our client’s expectations is second only to our commitment to personnel safety and the prerogatives of quality.
  • We hold any form of discrimination as totally antithetical to our core values.
  • All Holtec associates firmly subscribe to the articles of personal integrity, civility, accountability, team work and open communications articulated below:


We walk the talk.
Our actions are based on absolute honesty and uncompromising ethics.
We strive to earn each other’s trust.
We keep our word no matter what the cost.
We demand absolute transparency in all business transactions regardless of the local cultural framework in which we are operating.


We treat each other with respect and dignity. We do not belittle anyone.
We do not subscribe to rumors and innuendoes.
We do not speak poorly of our competitors.


Our people hold themselves responsible for their actions – never shifting blame on others.
We diligently follow the Company’s policy and procedures.
We view reporting of any observed defects and non-compliances in accordance with the company’s quality program a moral duty, not merely a legal imperative.


We acknowledge we are individually imperfect, but we strive to build perfect teams.
We subordinate our individual interests to that of the team.
We never, never talk down to anyone.
Superior ideas, not rank or position of the sponsor, reign supreme in our collective deliberations. Good ideas, whether from the President or from the summer intern, have the same weight.

Self Improvement

We view our daily work as a continuous journey for self-improvement.
We are self-critical.
We are always on the hunt for new ideas to improve ourselves.

Open Communication

We seek meaningful feedback from our stakeholders.
We seek other opinions and we value different perspectives.