Holtec’s Advanced Manufacturing Division in Camden Motoring Along, Meeting Milestones

Holtec Technology Campus as seen from the International Space Station. Located north of the Walt Whitman Bridge, the large manufacturing center and seven story corporate engineering center can be seen on this image captured on March 22, 2017. Image courtesy of Alex Johnson.

Starting with just a few craftsmen in a small corner of the Light Manufacturing Plant in the summer of 2016, the Advanced Manufacturing Division (AMD) has blossomed into a substantial operation with significant growth projected through this year.

A Historic First for the U.K. Nuclear Industry

EDF personnel and Holtec’s Sizlon Business Unit personnel form a proud cluster in front of the first HI-STORM MIC Overpack.
Left to right: Holtec’s Sizlon Business Unit: Mike Pence, Stuart Moore, Eddie Nantz, James Delaney; EDF Energy: Danny Bailey,
Carl Greenwood and Richard Parlone.

On March 13, 2017, the UK’s first dry storage cask was placed inside Sizewell B’s Dry Fuel Storage Building at its designated location. The cask, known as HI-STORM MIC (the acronym MIC stands for Mega-Impact Capable), designed by Holtec in close cooperation with EDF Energy for a 100-year design life, was manufactured at Holtec’s Pittsburgh, PA plant. Not only is HI-STORM MIC a first for the UK, it also embodies many firsts in the realm of engineered safety for the global dry storage industry.

Holtec Wins the Turnkey Contract for Establishing the Dry Cask Storage Facility at Krško Nuclear Power Plant in Slovenia

We are pleased to announce the award of a severely contested contract for turnkey supply of a Dry Cask Storage Facility at Krško Nuclear Power Plant in Slovenia to Holtec International. NEK’s (Nuklearna Elektrana Krsko) initial decision to award the contract to Holtec in May 2016 was strenuously protested by Areva leading to nine months of independent expert reviews under the auspices of the country’s “National Review Commission”. “Slovenia’s process for an exhaustive and deliberative consideration of the aggrieved bidder’s representations is exemplary in respect of fairness and transparency. Unfortunately, the project schedule has been admittedly strained to accommodate this process,” says Dr. Richard Springman, Holtec’s Director of International Projects.

Committed to Camden, Making a Difference

Holtec, along with other companies moving into Camden, will help Camden recoup from the urban decay that has engulfed the once-thriving city over the last few decades.  Holtec’s efforts to make positive change in Camden are a multi-faceted strategy that includes hiring city residents, using local contractors, buying local goods and services, and frequenting local eateries. 

Reprising 2016 and Looking to the Future

Jupiter, Florida; In 2016, we completed 30 glorious years of operation. By every measure, our Company has performed spectacularly – growing employment at every one of the Company’s operation centers, rising sales,  soaring capital investment, increasing annual revenue, EBIDTA & net income, strengthening employee satisfaction scores, excellent nuclear quality and timely delivery metrics, a robust culture of innovation as measured by new patents issued to the Company and, above all, a worker safety record at our manufacturing plants and power plant sites that is among the best-in-class in the nation.

Watts Bar Completes its Premier Pool-to-Pad Canister Loading Campaign, Successfully Overcoming its Subgrade Liquefaction Challenge

Watts Bar Team in Front of the New ISFSI Pad with Loaded HI-STORM FW Casks
Watts Bar Team in Front of the New ISFSI Pad with Loaded HI-STORM FW Casks

We are pleased to report the safe and successful completion of the first cask loading campaign at Watts Bar, home of TVA’s newest PWR located on the Tennessee River. The plant utilizes Holtec’s high capacity MPC-37 canister, whose high heat rejection capacity is attributed to the monolithic fuel basket made from METAMIC-HT, a patented nanotechnology product introduced by Holtec in 2006.

Making Decommissioning Safe and Swift

We applaud Entergy’s November 8, 2016 announcement to accelerate the decommissioning of Vermont Yankee by several decades. This pioneering move by Entergy should be a pace setter for the nuclear industry and welcome news for the people of Vermont. We are proud that this expedited decommissioning will be possible, in part, because of Holtec’s introduction of the industry’s first nanotechnology-derived fuel basket (Metamic-HT) a decade ago (in 2006), which makes it possible to safely transfer two-year old used fuel to dry storage in full accord with the NRC’s guidance and regulations. Accelerated defueling of the reactor vessel and the fuel pool equates to the expedited start of decommissioning of a retiring plant. Entergy’s announcement means that decommissioning does not need to be preceded by decades of SAFSTOR (wet storage in the fuel pool) with its cost and schedule uncertainty, and the sad silhouette of a deceased nuclear plant does not need to loom over the landscape for decades.