Safety, Continuous Improvement Make First Used Fuel Storage Campaign a Watts Bar Team Success

A large, integrated team from across the site worked together to safely complete the first Watts Bar used fuel storage campaign during the past several weeks. The team, which included Watts Bar employees, Holtec and D&Z team members, and support from Sequoyah and Browns Ferry, loaded 222 used fuel assemblies into six massive storage cask (shown behind the team) below the overall project dose goal.

A very large and integrated team focused on safety and continuous improvement to successfully complete Watts Bar’s first used fuel storage campaign.

During a span of seven weeks, the Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) team loaded and moved 222 used fuel bundles from the spent fuel pool into robust storage containers and then onto the seismically designed ISFSI pad.

Bolstering Public Health & Safety by Proto-Prompt Decommissioning of Closing Nuclear Plants

The risk of an accidental pool drain-down precipitating the dreaded specter of zirconium fire, while non-credibly improbable, stalks the decision-making process of every nuclear plant owner preparing to draw down its work force after ceasing operations.  Addressing this concern has led Holtec to develop the proto-prompt decommissioning strategy, which we are pleased to unveil below in this news bulletin.  The proto-prompt decommissioning envisages conversion of the plant to green field in roughly 5-1/2 years after a reactor’s shutdown.  Meeting this ambitious schedule requires that the pool be defueled by transferring its used nuclear fuel to dry storage in no more than 2-1/2 years after the reactor’s shutdown.