On February 27, 2023, at the Lviv City Council Office, Lviv, Ukraine, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Lviv City Council and Holtec International. The MOU calls for the Lviv City Council and Holtec International to collaboratively evaluate the technical and commercial feasibility for deployment of the Holtec International HI-HEAT District Heater Pilot Project in the city. The MOU specifically envisions exchange of technical specification requirements, technology descriptions, project models, financing models, commercial information, equipment details, local implementation and other relevant topics for the deployment of the Pilot Project.

Lviv City Mayor Mr. Andriy Sadovyi, and Holtec International Vice President in Charge of Ukraine Operations Riaz Awan, Holding the Memorandum of Understanding in Lviv, Ukraine

The MOU was signed by Lviv City Mayor Mr. Andriy Sadovyi and Holtec International President/CEO Dr. Kris Singh. The signing event was attended by the First Deputy Mayor/Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Lviv City Mr. Andrii Moskalenko; the Advisor to Lviv City Mayor, Mr. Volodymyr Stetsyk; and Mr. Riaz Awan, Holtec International Vice President in charge of the Company’s Ukraine Operations Center as well as representatives of other stakeholder entities.

Mr. Andriy Sadovyi, Mayor, City of Lviv, Ukraine, offered the following statement on his city’s decision to launch the pioneering HI-HEAT project in his city:

“Given the ongoing full-scale russian military aggression against our country, the demand for alternative energy sources to reduce natural gas consumption is increasing. This challenge is even more important, because of the ongoing invaders’ attacks, the critical infrastructure of Ukraine undergoes significant destruction.

Therefore, Lviv is interested in implementing modern energy-efficient technologies, such as the HI-HEAT centralized heating technology of the Holtec company, whose mission is to unshackle Europe from reliance on russian gas and modernize its cities’ district heating systems.”

Holtec International has the distinct honor and privilege to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with City of Lviv for deployment of its HI-HEAT District Heater system in a Pilot Project. We are grateful to the Honorable Mayor and Lviv City Council for giving Holtec the opportunity to assist City of Lviv in providing technological solutions for a clean and carbon-free district heating facilities to eliminate reliance on fossil fuels for district heating in the winter that would make City of Lviv a clean energy pioneer in Ukraine and Europe.

Over the past two decades, Holtec has served Ukraine’s energy sector in critical and consequential projects of national security importance garnering a solid record of success. I am confident our work with the City of Lviv through this MOU will herald an era of transformative change from fossil fuel to clean energy in Ukraine, its European Homeland and elsewhere,” said Holtec President/CEO Dr. Kris Singh.

Holtec’s Executive-in-Charge of Ukraine Operations, Mr. Riaz Awan (pictured in the photo above with the Honorable Mayor who has been living in Kyiv during the past year and has been a witness to the horror inflicted by russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine, calls the HI-HEAT clean energy district heating system “the best foil against the putin’s weaponization of fossil fuels to subjugate its neighbors”, adding, “We salute the indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian people in the face of putin’s genocidal attacks to stamp out their freedom and their culture. We express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine by flying the country’s flag at the gate of our Krishna P. Singh Technology Campus and on top of our Camden, New Jersey headquarters.”