We are pleased to announce that our Pune, India based subsidiary, Holtec Asia, has received an order for two transport casks from Mumbai-based Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) to serve the away-from-reactor storage facility for the country’s Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP) located on the east coast of the Tamil Nadu state. The casks will serve units 1 and 2 of the Russia-supplied VVER-1000 MW reactors at the KKNPP site. The new casks, named HI-STAR 149, join the family of HI-STAR transport casks that have distinguished themselves as the most robust radioactivity containment vessels at numerous nuclear plants around the world, earning loyalty of clients with superb dose blocking, heat dissipation and criticality control capabilities. Like its larger sibling, HI-STAR 190 (pictured below inside the paint shop at our Pittsburgh plant), HI-STAR 149 boasts Holtec’s patented hex‑crate fuel basket made from nanotechnology-based Metamic™ HT extrusions with their peerless heat transfer and criticality control properties. (All Holtec latest model fuel baskets for storing used nuclear fuel from both Russian‑origin and Western reactors employ Metamic™ HT as the principal constituent material for criticality control and structural strength.)

Number 3 HI-STAR 190 Cask for Transporting VVER Fuel From Ukraine’s Reactors Being Readied for Shipment to Ukraine’s 
Odessa Port (Two HI‑STAR 190s Are Already in Ukraine)

The design and safety analyses of components provided by Holtec International to transport and store VVER fuel are performed by the Holtec corporate technology center in Camden, NJ in collaboration with Holtec Asia and our Holtec Ukraine operation center based in Kyiv (Ukraine’s 15 VVER reactors provide over 55% of that nation’s electricity).

“We gratefully acknowledge this NPCIL’s award which will now pave the way for Holtec Asia to share Holtec’s globally respected storage and transport cask know-how with India’s domestic manufacturers within the constraint of USG laws. Holtec Asia’s corporate mission is aligned with Prime Minister Modi’s call for India’s manufacturing renaissance to transform the country into the world’s workshop through heightened self-sufficiency that is captured in his pithy phrase (in Sanskrit) “Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan.” “Reflecting the social responsibility ethos of our US parent, we plan to significantly boost our contribution to public service causes commensurate with our growing business footprint in India,” says Holtec Asia’s President, Jyoti Chatterjee. 

Holtec Asia is a major Holtec subsidiary with its engineering offices located in Pune, Maharashtra and its manufacturing plant located in Dahej, Gujarat. The Dahej plant specializes in the manufacture of Air-Cooled Condensers and other engineered weldments. The Pune operation center is a full-spectrum engineering services facility with engineering design and analysis, site services, IT, project management and quality assurance capabilities.