We mark the permanent cessation of energy generation at the Indian Point Energy Center today when the last operating reactor – Indian Point Unit 3 – shuts down. Subject to the authorization by New York’s Public Service Commission, our Company, Holtec International, is slated to become the successor owner of the IPEC site with the mission to begin its decommissioning with immediate effect. We are heartened by the unanimous support of the wide swathe of stakeholders in New York, including the State government and its agencies as well as the NGOs such as Riverkeeper, to our equity transaction with Entergy which is the current owner of the facility.

Aerial Photo of the Indian Point Energy Center

“We thank all counterparties in this endeavor for placing their trust and confidence in our company. We remain resolute in our commitment to carry out the decommissioning of the IPEC site on the most expeditious schedule possible and to do so with maximum protection of the environment. We are also committed to preserve as many local jobs as possible in the site’s workforce and to serve as a good steward of the land as we proceed to explore the means to repurpose it in consultation with the host communities,” says Pam Cowan, COO of Holtec Decommissioning International (HDI).

Echoing Cowan’s sentiments, Comprehensive Decommissioning International’s (CDI) President, Kelly Trice (the Holtec subsidiary that will be the general contractor for the on-site work) said, ”we are poised to hit the ground running and applying our proven cutting-edge technologies to minimize the accreted human dose and to protect the environment. Our ongoing projects at Oyster Creek and Pilgrim are a testimony to our know-how and our competence.”

“Indian Point has been operated and maintained at the highest levels of reliability, safety, and security for many years,” said Chris Bakken, Entergy’s Chief Nuclear Officer. “Indian Point’s enduring legacy will be the thousands of men and women who operated the plant safely, reliably, and securely, while helping to power New York City and the lower Hudson Valley for nearly 60 years. We owe those who serve now, along with those who came before them, a debt of gratitude.”