Our credo, A Generation Ahead By Design, is flourishing in our ongoing decommissioning programs at Oyster Creek and Pilgrim fueled by creativity and innovation to efficiently transition these sites to enable them to host diverse commercial economic activities at the earliest possible date.

Among the most critical items of focus in Holtec’s decommissioning programs is the safe management of used nuclear fuel. We continue to use the latest in dry storage technologies, which will allow the fuel to be safely removed from the spent fuel pools months earlier than previously planned. The volume of contaminated water in the pool can then be safely reduced helping to largely eliminate the future potential for spread of contamination and creating a safer environment for workers and the community.

At Pilgrim, work has completed on constructing the new Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) pad. This new location is at a higher elevation and will safely house all of the site’s dry storage casks once decommissioning is completed. Work is continuing on constructing the new haul path to the new ISFSI pad. In addition, the reactor shield block segmentation and removal of the segmented pieces from the reactor building to a secure radiologically controlled area at the site was carried out. 

At Oyster Creek, the deconstruction and removal of eight transformers was successfully completed. In total, 1.67 million pounds of metal and material was removed for recycling – the equivalent of one and a half Airbus A380 commercial jet planes. In addition, the demolition and removal of three buildings used for offices and a machine shop were completed. Work is expected to begin shortly on the demolition and removal of another building as well as a water storage tank. 

“The innovative approaches coupled with passionate and dedicated individuals at our sites and on our decommissioning teams are resulting in excellent ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) dose rates and safety performance and progress at both sites,” said Pam Cowan, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Holtec Decommissioning International. “We are approaching decommissioning in an efficient and sage manner that will set standards of excellence for the industry. Our progress serves as powerful proof that timely decommissioning creates jobs and cleans up environmental and radiological hazards on the site, which both benefit the local communities.”