Going back to 1992, it is a tradition at Holtec to elect one “Holtec Fellow” at the end of each year. The honorees are announced at the Company’s New Jersey operation center annual holiday party.

The Holtec Fellow award is given to an associate who personifies the five virtues that we value the most in our employees, namely professional competence, accountability, teamwork spirit, sense of diligence and drive for excellence. For 2019, there were two winners: Venkat Prabhala and Nick Caggiano.         

Venkat Prabhala is an engineering manager of the Applied Mechanics group under Director Chuck Bullard. His commitment to professional excellence is legendary; rumor has it that he runs dynamic impact models to study material behavior in lieu of video games for recreation. As a frequent runner up, Venkat has been a dedicated associate of Holtec for over 16 years. 

Nick Caggiano is a member of the Plant Technical Service group under Director Fred Bidrawn. He has single handedly created a niche of excellence in site safety analysis packages for nuclear plants. Widely admired by Holtec’s Clients, his work is memorialized in the safety literature at dozens of nuclear plants. Nick has been a dedicated associate of Holtec for over five years.

Holtec salutes a hearty congratulations to Venkat and Nick.

2019 Service Anniversaries

Congratulations are also in order for a number of employees who hit mammoth milestones in 2019. The Soler brothers, Mark and Steven Soler, hit their 30-year mark of distinguished service to the Company. Forever vigorously engaged, they have respectively anchored Holtec’s Quality Assurance Program (Mark) and Site Services Division (Steven) for decades. 

We congratulate all employees who hit milestones in 2019! The list below includes 2019 milestones at Holtec’s U.S. offices. 

Krishna P. Singh Technology Campus (Camden, NJ)

Warren Agace  10 Years
Anveshan Bommareddi  10 Years
Nikunjkumar Darji10 Years
Haizhen Pan10 Years
Savit Sinha  10 Years
Richard Springman  10 Years
Richard Trotta  10 Years
Jeffrey Groves  15 Years
Venkat Prabhala15 Years
Charles Bullard  25 Years
Steven Soler  30 Years
Mark Soler  30 Years

Holtec Manufacturing Division (Turtle Creek, PA)

James Edward Byrd10 Years
Paul C. Carrig 10 Years
George Scott Coffman 10 Years
Derek Dukic 10 Years
Scott Fairman 10 Years
Scott Glessner 10 Years
Joseph Hlasnick10 Years
Charles Jones10 Years
Frank Klasnick10 Years
Thomas Kostilnik10 Years
Brian Lebakken10 Years
Dennis May10 Years
Matthew McQuistian10 Years
Mike Minda, Jr.10 Years
Seth Pasternak 10 Years
Aaron Patrick 10 Years
Jude Rooker 10 Years
Scott Sadvary 10 Years
Christopher Schmidt 10 Years
Todd Thielet 10 Years
Robert Thomas 10 Years
Kevin Thomas 10 Years
Jose Torres 10 Years
Bradley Zang 10 Years
Edward Grew 15 Years
John Jenkins15 Years
David Puskar 15 Years
Rick Easler 15 Years
William Hawthorne20 Years
Jeffrey Thomas 20 Years
Richard Tominello 20 Years

Orrvilon Manufacturing Division (Orrville, OH)

Kenneth Workman10 Years
Cheryl Clark 15 Years
Alvin Weaver 25 Years