Camden, December 4, 2018: Speaking to a gathering of nuclear industry professionals, Holtec’s President and CEO, Dr. Kris Singh, called a decent basic wage a fundamental human right and announced that Holtec will celebrate the holiday season by raising the minimum base (standard time) wage for its work force at every one of its US plants to $15 per hour.  “This pay raise is a small measure of my appreciation for the hard-working individuals at all Holtec campuses.”

Dr. Singh

He also stated that Holtec is in talks with local community leaders in Camden to establish a state-of-the-art training center at the Company’s Camden campus. Our technology Campus in Camden, NJ commissioned over a year ago, is the latest example of our commitment to the nuclear industry.  This training center will incorporate the experience gained from the training programs run by the Company at local colleges and vocational schools over the past two years. This new facility will enable South Jersey residents, including those in Camden that rely on public-transportation easier access to our Training Center. He called critical skills training of eligible candidates to be a core part of our corporate mission and essential to the continuing renaissance of the Camden region.

This pay raise will also extend to our associates in Orrvilon, Ohio where the Company manufactures the nuclear industry’s only nano-particle based material and is known for exotic manufacturing processes such as extrusion of Magnesium ingots. 

The Pittsburgh plant, the largest of the three Holtec installations in the US and our oldest, is undergoing a major capability upgrade to expand the range of capital equipment that can be built there. All three plants are expected to see a continuing increase in their employment rolls even though the recent tariff on our staple raw materials (steel and aluminum) implemented by the US Government has hurt our global competitiveness and will likely crimp our business growth in 2019.