On February 22nd, 2018 Holtec International formalized a multi-year agreement for the supply of HI-STORM dry storage systems and pool-to-pad loading services with Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant (CPNPP). The long-term agreement vests soup-to-nuts responsibility with Holtec for the plant’s spent fuel management through year 2033.

Holtec places the cask on completed ISFSI [left]; An aerial view of the completed ISFSI at Comanche Peak [right]

Comanche Peak first contracted with Holtec in 2009 for the turnkey implementation of the HI-STORM 100S Version B dry storage system with the MPC-32, wherein Holtec provided engineering, design, and construction services for the site’s haul path and ISFSI as well as pool-to-pad services for the site’s first campaign. To date, Holtec has successfully conducted five spent fuel loading campaigns, safely placing 36 canisters on the pad, with Used Fuel Outage (UFO) #5 placing the last of seven canisters on the pad in May of this year. Every past loading campaign has been marked by low crew dose, zero lost time incidents and on-schedule performance.

“It is our distinct honor to continue our long-term partnership with Vistra Energy for the safe and efficient management of used fuel at Comanche Peak. Vistra Energy’s credo, ‘A tradition of excellence. A vision for success’ resonates with our company and is reflected in our holistic approach to design, manufacture and loading of the dry storage systems,” remarked Rob Tindal, Holtec’s Senior Director of Projects. This landmark agreement symbolizes Holtec’s commitment to serving the plants’ life cycle spent fuel management needs – from the first discharged fuel assembly to the last.

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