Beijing, China, May 29, 2018: Reflecting the significance of the occasion, Holtec, CNNC Everclean and its parent, CNNC Environmental Protection Corporation, and CNEIC executives assembled to sign the contract that envisages Holtec to deliver its latest model transport casks and associated ancillaries by November 2020. The cask model selected by Everclean is HI-STAR 100MB which transports fuel in both MPC and “bare basket” with a wide range of initial enrichments and burn-up. Designed to transport the whole spectrum of PWR fuel-damaged and in-tact, this cask is intended to serve as a workhorse to aggregate used fuel from America’s 73 nuclear sites to a single interim storage facility in Southeast New Mexico called HI-STORE CISF. HI-STORE CISF, which uses Holtec’s threat-defying subterranean storage system, is currently undergoing regulatory review.

HI-STAR 100MB Dual Function Cask

The contract signing was accompanied by a celebratory function during which the chairman, Mr. Wu, Xiujiang of CNNC Environmental Protection Corporation, hailed his company’s confidence in Holtec and expressed his hope for a deepening business relationship between the two companies, a sentiment that was echoed by General Manager (GM) Mr. Luo, Changsen and Deputy GM Mr. Zhang, Hui of CNEIC, GM Mr. Wang, Hailiang and Vice GM Mr. Lyu, Gang of Everclean.

Holtec’s President & CEO, Dr. Kris Singh, thanked the assembled Company executives and senior managers for reposing their confidence in Holtec for delivering the project on an extremely challenging schedule and assured the hosts of Holtec’s abiding commitment to superb quality of its deliverables. The Chief Commercial Officer from the US embassy, Mr. Brad Harker, called the contract signing “a great example of how American manufactured technology and products can help China … while serving to support American jobs and a gradual rebalancing of the US-China trade imbalance.”

A pleasant sunny day with blue skies augured the beginning of a great business relationship. Dr. Singh announced the appointment of Dr. Haizhen Pan, Holtec’s Program Manager of East Asia, as the Executive Sponsor of this project.

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