The winning HI-STAR 100MB cask also completes Holtec’s fleet of transport casks for relocation of used fuel from decentralized storage facilities to the HI-STORE Central Interim Storage (CIS) Facility

We are pleased to report that HI-STAR 100MB [USNRC docket # 71-9378], designed to serve as a workhorse to transport hundreds of multi-purpose canisters in storage across the US to the consolidated interim storage facility, HI-STORE CIS, in New Mexico has won the international competition for deployment in China. As reported in the website (, China’s premier nuclear energy owner/developer, ranked HI-STAR 100MB, as #1 in its evaluation of cask technologies for its domestic needs. HI-STAR 100-MB’s selection by China follows the long tradition of preference for the HI-STAR brand by our sophisticated overseas customers. In addition to domestic acceptance, earlier HI-STAR models and their overseas users are: HI-STAR 100 (Spain & South Africa), HI-STAR 63 (South Korea), HI-STAR 60 (China), HI-STAR 180 (Switzerland), HI-STAR 180D (Belgium), HI-STAR 180L (Switzerland), HI-STAR 80 (Sweden), HI-STAR 190 (Ukraine), HI-STAR 150 (Spain), and HI-STAR ATB1T (Sweden).

HI-STAR 100MB Solid (left) and Cut-away (right) Perspective View

HI-STAR 100MB is based on the HI-STAR 190 transport cask (USNRC docket # 71-9373) designed for retrieval of large-diameter canisters from nuclear power plants in the United States with onsite storage facilities. The HI-STAR 100MB is the counterpart that will retrieve medium sized canisters containing fuel with high burnups and shorter cooling times than allowed by the HI-STAR 100 licensed by Holtec in 1999. The HI-STAR 100MB also includes the option to transport unpackaged fuel without a canister. It will have a ready-to-implement solution to aggregate the nation’s used fuel at New Mexico’s CIS in a risk free underground storage. True to the term “interim” in its name, the HI-STORE CIS is designed to be Canister extraction-friendly, allowing a stored Canister to be retrieved and shipped away in less than one work shift.

Dr. Haizhen Pan, Holtec’s Program Manager primarily responsible for project development in China, commented “there were seven (7) bidders for the CNNC tender from all over the world, and the technology leadership of Holtec’s design proved to be the deciding factor in the bid evaluation. The same performance characteristics that make the HI-STAR 100MB an essential part of the transport fleet in the United States were evaluated as important by CNNC, confirming the significance of this transport package for managing the global used fuel inventory.”