From L-R: Mike Pence (Holtec), Paul Morton (Sizewell B Station Director), Vincent de Rivaz (EDF Energy CEO), Stuart Crooks (EDF Energy Generation MD), Tom Marcille (Holtec Vice President), Mark Gorry (EDF Energy Chief Nuclear Officer), Jerry Haller (Dry Fuel Store Program Director)

On June 15, 2017 EDF Energy marked the successful completion of its 1st spent fuel loading campaign and a state-of-the-art new dry store at Sizewell B-UK’s first. The dry store uses Holtec’s double wall multi-purpose canisters and HI-STORM MIC casks (MIC stands for mega impact capable), tailored to meet demanding performance expectations such as vanishingly small dose near the cask array, 100-year licensed life and multiple barriers against threats and accidents of all kinds.

The dry store facility will safely and securely house all the plant’s spent fuel for its entire operating life, and to 100 years (unless moved earlier to a geologic repository). During the ceremonies at the site on June 15, 2017 to commemorate the successful major new works, equipment and 1st loading campaign, EDF Energy’s chief executive, Mr. Vincent de Rivaz, spoke of EDF Energy’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Some 250 assembled stakeholders also heard from several program leaders including EDF Energy’s Managing Director for Generation, Mr. Stuart Crooks, Holtec Vice-President, Mr. Tom Marcille, and Sizewell B Station Director, Mr. Paul Morton.

Mr. de Rivaz said the store’s successful commissioning showed EDF Energy’s long-term vision and commitment to innovation. “Industrial strategy, in particular for the nuclear industry, requires a long-term vision. With this project, EDF Energy has shown once again that we can make this happen.”

Mr. Crooks noted that “the dry fuel store system has been adapted to satisfy the UK’s world-leading nuclear safety requirements, and the needs of Sizewell B……. this new dry fuel store at Sizewell B will enable safe, onsite storage of a lifetime’s spent fuel from Sizewell B (or until a deep geological repository becomes available).  With this facility, Sizewell B can continue to generate electricity until at least 2035, and potentially for a further 20 years beyond that subject to life extension.”

Mr. Crooks went on to observe, “Through the successful delivery of this facility we have demonstrated that the UK can deliver large and complex projects safely and on time, with collaboration as our winning formula. We have also demonstrated that we can learn from worldwide experience, and successfully deliver in the UK. We have shown we can undertake large scale new build projects and we have shown that we can responsibly manage the long-term strategy for spent fuel from our nuclear stations.”

Holtec VP, Mr. Thomas Marcille, spoke of the excellent spirit of camaraderie and collaboration exhibited by EDF and Holtec personnel who formed a seamless team that “turned issues and challenges into opportunities and solutions.”