Dr. Kris Singh, the inventor of Holtec’s HI-STORM UMAX (U.S. Patent 8,625,732B2), was recognized at the 36th Edison Patent Awards Ceremony and Reception held on November 12, 2015 at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ. The Research & Development Council of New Jersey established the Edison Patent Award to recognize and honor New Jersey’s immensely talented scientists and inventors. The HI-STORM UMAX patent was selected in the Public Health & Safety category.

An abstract of Dr. Singh’s remarks at the ceremony is provided below:

“Thank you President Cicatiello for your organization’s decision to select our patent on the underground fuel storage system for this distinguished recognition. I am honored and humbled to receive it in the name of our company and our technology innovators, many of whom are in attendance here today. As a nuclear technology company, it is doubly sweet to receive the award in the category of enhancing public health and safety. The technology you have highlighted to the world through this award is indeed a game changer. The HI-STORM UMAX technology makes a nuclear fuel storage site inaccessible to terrorists or threats of nature – a truly innocuous facility that deserves to be embraced by even the most strident skeptics amongst us. Indeed, the Eddy and Lea counties of New Mexico supported by their state have welcomed our technology to be deployed on their land to solve a knotty national problem which has polarized our national politics and created a sad gridlock in Congress. As a result, our company is poised to deploy the HI-STORM UMAX technology in the high desert of New Mexico to store America’s used nuclear fuel.

It is a great honor to receive an award for innovation named after the man who, more than any other person in memory, helped make engineering the centerpiece of human civilization. His numerous inventions, notably the light bulb and the phonograph, showed to every human on this planet that innovation can bring forth miracles. We, at Holtec, are disciples of Edison.

I assure you that this award will further energize our people who have set it upon themselves to bring about a transformative power generation technology that is truly green – it does not produce a speck of pollution …and it is nuclear! We call our new innovative reactor SMR-160; it is being devised to be an unconditionally safe reactor – the holy grail of atomic energy. We aim for nothing less than making economic electricity available to the billions around the world who have no such access today. To succeed in our drive, we have to keep on inventing and improving. It is an exciting journey; we thank you again for providing a much valued succor to our endeavor via this award.”

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