A Large Capacity Type B (U) Transport Package (HI-STAR ATB 1T) for Activated Metal Waste Submitted to the U.S. NRC for Approval

We are pleased to announce that on September 23, 2015, after completing the necessary design and safety studies, Holtec submitted the Safety Analysis Report (SAR) for the HI-STAR ATB 1T Transport Package to the U.S. NRC for approval as a Type B (U) package. HI-STAR ATB 1T is designed for transportation of radioactive non-fuel waste and hardware from reactor operations and decommissioning. The HI-STAR ATB 1T provides containment, heat rejection, and gamma shielding under all normal, off-normal, and accident events prescribed by the U.S. and IAEA regulations. The innovative rectangular package design does not rely on external impact limiters to survive the hypothetical accident scenarios prescribed by the regulations, which include a 9m (30 ft) drop onto a rigid surface. The avoidance of impact limiters simplifies operations and reduces operational dose associated with impact limiter installation. Qualification of this 116 MT (127 U.S. Tons) Transport Package for the severe hypothetical drop accidents prescribed by the regulations was afforded by several ingenious design features, such as a multi-layer steel construction, collapsible trunnions (patent pending), and crushable members imbedded in the cask body. The qualification testing performed for the NRC submittal included rigorous simulation of the high energy drop events using state-of-the-art finite element analysis software following extensive benchmark studies using available physical test data to qualify the software. Although still subject to approval by the U.S. NRC, Holtec is confident on the efficacy of safety evaluations performed and quality of the license application.


Holtec expects the HI-STAR ATB 1T to enter production in 2017, after the license certification process is successfully completed. The HI-STAR ATB1T is designed for a maximum activity of 3.60 x1015 Bq of Cobalt-60, a heat-load of 1.75 kW, and a payload of up to 55 MT (60.6 U.S. Tons). Holtec’s Director of International Projects, Dr. Rick Springman, stated, “We have designed HI-STAR ATB 1T to become an industry workhorse for transport of high activity metal waste from both operating and shutdown plants.”

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