Holtec Announces a Novel Fuel Pool Leakage Protection System that Eliminates the Risk of Migration of Water Borne Contamination to the Surrounding Substrate

Dr. William S. Woodward
Dr. William S. Woodward

Spent fuel pools at nuclear power plants and at away-from-reactor (AFR) wet storage have, for the most part, performed reliably. Although seepage of contaminated water from the pool has been a relatively rare occurrence, leaching of contaminated pool water to the proximate land can have severe consequences. In order to mitigate this possibility, Holtec International has developed a new pool liner embodiment that precludes the risk of out-migration of the pool’s water.

The new design embodiment can be used at any new nuclear unit or AFR wet storage facility being built. However, it cannot be retrofitted to an operating plant’s pool.

In addition to providing guaranteed sequestration of the pool’s contaminants, the new technology is expected to have a measurable impact on reducing the construction cost of a new plant.

Subject to ongoing proceedings to secure patent rights, Holtec International will make the underlying technology available to a qualified party under a suitable license agreement.

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