Holtec’s Site Construction Organization Poised to Finish Several Key Projects in 2014

Holtec’s Site Construction Team Placing Reinforcement for a UMAX ISFSI Pad
Holtec’s Site Construction Team Placing Reinforcement for a UMAX ISFSI Pad

Holtec’s site construction group has successfully completed several major construction projects thus far this year that have included the building of ISFSI pads, heavy haul paths, Cask Transfer Facilities (CTF), ISFSI, existing plant security upgrades, and equipment storage buildings at various nuclear power plant sites.

In particular, at an operating plant in the eastern United States, Holtec recently completed construction of an ISFSI Pad for 40 HI-STORM 100 systems as well as heavy haul path and plant security upgrades. Site construction of ISFSI facilities is continuing with the recent start of construction of an ISFSI pad and hardened haul path for a mid-western plant. Construction work is expected to be completed by end of this year, paving the way for the plant to load HI-STORM FW systems next year. A new Equipment Storage Building (approximately 60’ by 50’) was constructed at a northern U.S. site as part of the turnkey undertaking with that client.

In addition to typical aboveground ISFSI facilities, Holtec’s site construction group is busy implementing Holtec’s advanced (patented) dry cask storage technologies. At two southern plant sites, Cask Transfer Facilities were installed to allow vertical transfer of MPCs outside of the Fuel Handling Buildings. Earlier this year, the construction of a 48-cask HI-STORM UMAX facility was begun at Ameren’s Callaway plant. The work at the Callaway site is progressing at a steady pace and is slated to be completed this year. Utilizing the MPC-37 (a canister design shared by the HI-STORM FW and UMAX systems), Callaway will begin fuel loading in 2015.

Currently, there are 100 operating nuclear plants in the United States. Of those, 50 plants are customers of Holtec’s dry storage systems and 42 have already successfully implemented ISFSI facilities for loaded casks. Holtec’s site construction team remains committed to serving the needs of plants establishing ISFSI facilities for the first time, as well as supporting the ever growing need for ISFSI expansion projects.

A Holtec Designed Cask Transfer Facility in the Early Stages Construction
A Holtec Designed Cask Transfer Facility in the Early Stages Construction

“We look forward to supporting our current and prospective clients with successful implementation of ISFSI facilities. As we execute site construction for our HI-STORM FW aboveground system and our “UMAX” underground system, we assure our clients of our unwavering commitment to and keen focus on safety, quality, and on-time performance,” says PK Chaudhary, Holtec’s V.P. of Operations for North America.

Holtec’s Site Construction Team Placing Concrete at a New ISFSI Pad
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