A milestone has been reached for Holtec International’s Site Services group as they successfully completed the single largest delivery, preparation, and finishing of HI-STORM 100 systems to date. Holtec Site Services, in conjunction with Cook Nuclear Plant, overseen by Manager of Dry Cask Operations Paul Carteaux, successfully loaded, delivered, and assembled a record breaking twelve HI-STORM overpacks.

Gary Frye and Christopher Glembocki of Holtec in front of the 12 HI-STORM Overpacks at the DC Cook Nuclear Plant
Gary Frye and Christopher Glembocki of Holtec in front of the 12 HI-STORM Overpacks at the DC Cook Nuclear Plant

Holtec Site Services’ component delivery team is a dedicated group of individuals who travel to nuclear plants both domestic and international with the purpose of safely delivering HI-STORM casks which are used to store spent nuclear fuel. Once they have arrived on site, the HI-STORM Cask is up-ended to the vertical orientation and placed on the ISFSI pad (Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation) or cask fabrication pad. One of the most crucial steps in this process is the concrete pour. This critical task is planned well in advance by Holtec’s Site Services team when they select the batch plant. Holtec Site Services is responsible for delivering roughly sixty to eighty HI-STORM casks per year.

The Site Services component delivery team, led by Gary Frye and Christopher Glembocki, supported by twenty-five experienced personnel, mobilized over 720 tons of material, all the while maintaining a safe and professional atmosphere. The team was responsible for efficiently pouring 480 cubic yards of concrete to fill the twelve HI-STORM casks.

Paul Carteaux, Manager of Dry Cask Operations at Cook Nuclear Plant, praised the site services team by stating, “I just wanted to pass along my thanks for a job well done! All work was performed safely, in accordance with all of the procedures/work packages, and in line with our schedule expectations even with Michigan May weather! Our appreciation goes out to Gary and Chris from Holtec in conjunction with the partnership with Imperial Power Services for working together to safely accomplish this work as a professional team.” Special thanks go to the following crafts involved in this successful venture including Local 169 – Boilermakers, Locals 324 and 150 – Operating Engineers, Local 355 – Laborers, and Local 692 – Cement Masons.

Over 660 Holtec dry spent fuel storage systems are deployed in the U.S. and Spain; Holtec’s Site Services team has performed the pool to pad loading operations for over 190 of these systems.

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