Completed Metamic‐HT Spent Fuel Storage Baskets Represent Many Firsts for the Nuclear Industry

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the first batch of Metamic-HT spent fuel storage baskets for our 89 storage cell BWR canister, MPC-89. The HI-STORM FW canister-based dry cask storage system (NRC Docket 72-1032) is licensed to store 37 PWR assemblies in the MPC-37 or 89 BWR assemblies in the MPC-89.

Completed MPC‐89, Metamic‐HT Spent Fuel Storage Basket
Completed MPC‐89, Metamic‐HT Spent Fuel Storage Basket

This manufacturing success marks several firsts for the dry storage industry, namely the world’s first nanotechnology-based fuel storage basket, industry’s highest heat load (47.05 kW), the highest storage capacity (up to 89 storage locations) and, a monolithic egg-crate construction. The MPC-89 also becomes the nuclear industry’s first canister to deploy friction stir welding for joining metal matrix composites, also developed by our Company. Friction stir welding is noted for providing high fidelity, low distortion weldments.

The ultra-high heat load canisters ̶ MPC-89 for BWR fuel and MPC-37 for PWR fuel ̶ permit the greatest number of assemblies to be placed in dry storage with as little as 3 years cooling time. We are pleased to observe that the ability to de-fuel pools in merely three years after plant shutdown, enabled by the Metamic-HT baskets, will accrue tens of millions of dollars in avoided decommissioning costs to nuclear plants across the U.S.

Commenting on the benefits of the structural and thermal properties of Metamic-HT, Holtec’s President and CEO, Dr. Kris Singh states, “The light weight of the Metamic-HT basket and its superb thermal conductivity, both made possible by advances in nanotechnology, underwrite the low occupational dose and short cooling times available from the HI-STORM FW system. We are proud to have extended the frontiers of technology in the service of the nuclear power industry”.

Metamic-HT, a dispersoid of nano-particles of alumina and boron carbide powder in an aluminum matrix (Holtec Patent 8,232,373B2), was initially licensed by the USNRC in 2009 in Docket 71-9325. Subsequently, several Metamic-HT equipped canisters have been certified including MPC-68M for the HI-STORM 100 system, and MPC-37 (PWR) and MPC-89 (BWR) for the HI-STORM-FW system.

Over 80 baskets are scheduled to be produced in 2014. Orrvilon, located in Orrville, Ohio, U.S.A, is a state-of-the-art fabrication facility specializing in the manufacturing of exotic metals and alloys. Orrvilon was established by Holtec in 2009.

Completed MPC‐89 Metamic‐HT Spent Fuel Storage Basket Ready for Shipment to HMD
Completed MPC‐89 Metamic‐HT Spent Fuel Storage Basket Ready for Shipment to HMD
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