We are pleased to report that several international power plant developers have selected Holtec International’s feedwater heaters over the past two months, growing the Company’s backlog by over 80 high and low pressure heaters from power plant developers with total order value in excess of 40 million dollars.

Korea’s premier architect-engineer Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd, and India’s highly regarded plant developer, BGR Energy Systems Limited are among the new international clients to join Holtec’s roster of leading U.S. and European clients.

The Hyundai order includes sixteen (16) high pressure feedwater heaters, with a pressure rating of 4858 psig, which are being fabricated with tubesheets that have a thickness in excess of 30 inches. The governing code for the design of the Hyundai heaters is ASME Section VIII Div.1. Delivery of the fabricated heaters is set for May through November 2014.

Holtec’s High Pressure Heaters Ready for Shipment
Holtec’s High Pressure Heaters Ready for Shipment

Two 800 MWt supercritical plants to be sited in Raigarh District, Chattisgarh, India by BGR Energy Systems Limited, require feedwater heaters to be designed for a pressure rating of 5365 psig and include up to 24,664 square feet of heat transfer surface area. The governing deign code of the BGR heaters is ASME Section VIII Div.1 and IBR. The BGR heaters also have an aggressive delivery deadline; all heaters must be fabricated between March and August 2015.

Holtec’s Power Plant Components Division (PPCD), based in Marlton, NJ is responsible for the thermal-hydraulic design, including establishing large margins against various failure modes from flow induced vibration, mechanical design and code compliance qualification of the heaters for seismic loads and reaction forces from interconnecting piping.

Commenting on the rising backlog, PPCD’s General Manager, Mr. Vytas Maciunas offered a cheerful assessment of PPCD’s prospects, predicting a robust global demand for Holtec’s heat transfer equipment; fueled by an enviable record of reliability that has meticulously been built over the past three decades. Cautioning his staff against complacency borne from success, Mr. Maciunas stated, “We will continue to attract the best clients from around the globe by continuing to uphold our criteria of excellence in the quality of our goods and the caliber of our services”.

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