Holtec International is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a pool-to-pad dry cask storage loading services contract at a large PWR Nuclear Station located in the south-central United States. This is the first time Holtec is performing loading services for this site. Holtec’s Site Services Division will provide turnkey loading services to place into storage 4 Holtec HI-STORM 100 dry cask storage systems at the site’s Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI). Holtec’s site emergency response team which includes our engineering and licensing staff is available around the clock to support any emergent issues that arise during the loading campaign. Holtec will apply lessons learned from previous loading campaigns as well as those from Holtec’s Users Group (HUG).


Under the direction of Steven Soler, Holtec’s Director of Site Services, Holtec has safely placed 156 Holtec dry cask storage systems into storage. Holtec’s loading crews consistently place systems into storage with increasingly low dose and a flawless safety record. Holtec’s site services plans to load a total of 42 HI-STORM systems at 8 different sites by the end of 2013. Over the next two years, over 121 additional systems will be loaded by Holtec’s site services group. Over 575 Holtec dry spent fuel storage systems are currently in service.

Holtec Pool-to-Pad Site Services Safety Record:

  • Total number of casks loaded: 156
  • No. of years of loading experience = 10 years
  • Recordable injury: 1 (in year 2008)
  • Lost time injury: 0 (since 2003)
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