Tom Marcille
Tom Marcille

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Tom Marcille to the position of Vice President of Engineering and Chief Nuclear Officer of Holtec’s wholly owned subsidiary, SMR, LLC. Most recently, Tom’s efforts were focused on the development of NuScale Power, a Corvallis, Oregon-based reactor developer, as their VP of Engineering and COO. Tom spent four years building the newly created company from the ground up, serving as its chief technical savant from February 2009 until February 2013 when a reorganization under the Company’s new owner, Fluor Corporation, led to Tom’s separation.

Prior to Tom’s employment at NuScale, he served as Chief Engineer at Los Alamos National Laboratory for advanced reactors for five years. Tom helped strengthen the laboratory’s naval reactor program by developing complex nuclear energy solutions, building effective teams and strategic partnerships, spearheading the development of efficient and effective engineering processes and producing a large body of technical work.

Mr. Marcille spent the first half of his career at General Electric (GE), steadily rising in the ranks as an NSSS designer, principal technologist, and fuels subject matter expert. He left GE for Los Alamos in 2004 to pursue his passion for the advancement of cutting edge nuclear reactor design.

Tom has been on the commercial side of the LWR and advanced nuclear reactor development business for his entire career. His reactor design and engineering experience includes in-depth work on the ABWR (U.S., Japan and Taiwan), ESBWR, GE-PRISM and NuScale power plants.

Tom is excited to join Holtec International’s SMR, LLC as Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer. In his own words, “I’m very fortunate to have the opportunity to join a truly outstanding company, with unmatched design and manufacturing capabilities; one committed to developing and delivering a uniquely safe, secure and cost-effective SMR power plant”.

Tom reports to Dr. Bill Woodward, Senior Vice President, SMR, LLC. Dr. Woodward hailed the addition of Tom to the Company. Dr. Woodward stated, “We are pleased to welcome Tom, a high caliber engineer and one of our industry’s most experienced executives. We look forward to his contributions to our SMR-160 development team. NuScale’s loss is our gain.”

SMR, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Holtec International, based in Marlton, NJ. SMR, LLC’s core mission is to make the nuclear power generation unconditionally safe and an unobtrusive and benign presence in its host community. By exploiting gravity as the sole propellant in its reactor’s operation and keeping the reactors output sufficiently small, SMR, LLC aims to transform the manner in which nuclear reactors are designed and operated.