We are pleased to announce that loading of MPC number 500 recently occurred and quickly receded into history as Hatch, Browns Ferry, Farley, DC Cook, and Salem continued their loading campaigns. As the HI-STORM loading history tabulated on the following page indicates, Diablo Canyon, Browns Ferry, Waterford, Byron, Vermont Yankee, Dresden, and Comanche Peak also completed Used Fuel Outages in 2012.

Perry is in the midst of NRC dry runs and will shortly begin a 6 cask loading campaign. ENRESA’s Ascó Nuclear Power Plant located in Ascó, Spain will also begin its first loading campaign later this year. Additional nuclear plants utilizing Holtec’s technology for dry spent fuel storage will also conduct HI-STORM system loading campaigns this year.

Under the leadership of Steven Soler, Holtec’s Site Services Group is performing pool-to-pad loading services at Salem, Farley, and DC Cook. The pool-to-pad loading campaign at Perry is also being performed by Holtec’s Site Services Group. In support roles at Browns Ferry and Indian Point, Holtec’s Site Services personnel are assisting the HI-STORM users in carrying out safe campaigns that are in accord with strict ALARA principles.

Exelon’s LaSalle County Generating Station is the first site to use Holtec’s HI-SAFE Low Level Waste storage system with a 3-cask campaign to commence around August 27. Completely compatible with Holtec’s HI-STORM system ancillary equipment, the HI-SAFE is engineered to store non-fuel waste; at LaSalle HI-SAFE is used to store compacted Control Rod Blades, Fuel Channels, and other Class B and C waste. HI-SAFE will also be deployed at Exelon’s Dresden and Quad Cities sites. Holtec’s Site Services Group is providing technical support to LaSalle’s Low Level Waste Project Team for the first HI-SAFE deployment.

We are also pleased to report the strides being made in our drive to reduce occupational dose. At Comanche Peak, MPC #8, with a heat load of 27.203 kW, was loaded with a total dose of 98 mRem. Comanche Peak uses a HI-TRAC 125.

Similar success was achieved by the PSEG team and the Exelon team which set low crew dose records in recent campaigns. On August 6th the PSEG team accrued a total dose of 136 mRem when loading a HI-STORM 100 system of 24.92 kW (MPC #5) from the Salem Unit 2 spent fuel pool using a HI-TRAC 100 transfer cask. This accrued dose surpasses Salem’s previous record of 164 mRem. On Monday, August 13th, PSEG achieved another best ever loading with a cask dose of 134 mRem when loading a system of 25.02 kW (MPC #6). During the Byron 2012 campaign, HISTORM System #7 was loaded for a total dose of 120 mRem for a 20.60 kW decay heat load.


“Loading more casks with lower accumulated dose is a solid measure of the superb shielding capabilities of Holtec’s dry storage systems,” commented Pierre Oneid, Holtec’s Senior VP and CNO.

PK Chaudhary, Holtec’s V.P. of Operations for North America added. “It is gratifying to see that our user sites such as Comanche Peak and Salem are setting industry records for low dose. This speaks to the Top Down drive for safety and adherence to ALARA principles at our HUG sites.”