Three Years!

We are pleased to report that Holtec International will submit a license amendment request (LAR) by Labor Day 2011 to enable the transfer of high burnup fuel with as little as three years cooling from the spent fuel pools into dry storage. This LAR will be submitted on the docket for Holtec’s HI-STORM FW MPC Storage System.  As we reported earlier (Holtec Highlights 26.09), the HI-STORM FW MPC Storage System received its initial Certificate of Compliance from the USNRC on June 13, 2011 (USNRC Docket No. 72-1032). The presently approved certificate contains one regionalized heat load pattern for the MPC-37 and one for the MPC-89 and focuses on plants that have a broad mix of “new” and “old” spent fuel assemblies in their spent fuel pools. (more…)

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